People in Britain Getting Less Sleep

People in Britain Getting Less SleepA study has found that people in Britain spend 6 hours and 21 minutes on an average. This is less than one hour as compared to the last two years. The main reason of lack of sleep is being stress over finances. Doctors recommend eight hours of sleep every day for good health. Health experts advice that the lack of sleep impacts not only the health of the people but also has an impact on the British economy.

It was found that 28% of the working people who took a holiday due to lack of sleep cost their employers $1.5 billion every year. The report found that eight million sick days were taken in 2009 compared to more than three million sick days in 2008.

Lack of sleep resulted in a bad hangover as reported by 56% of the people, inability to focus on the task as reported by 54% while 33% reported difficulty in driving due to this reason.

The study was undertaken by hotel chain Travelodge. Around 6,000 adults took part in the study and their sleep patterns were observed during the study.

Apart from financial worries, work related stress as experienced by 25% of the people and a noisy home environment was reported by 23% as the biggest deterrents in getting a good night's sleep.