Google removes “evil” autocomplete suggestion on searches for Jews and women

Tech giant Google has recently revealed that autocomplete suggestions in which the word "evil" was suggested on search phrases that started with "Are Jews." and "Are women." have been removed from the company's search engine.

The move by Google comes after it was highlighted by an Observer columnist in a recent article that anti-Semitic, racist, and sexist entries were being suggested by Google autocomplete. The article specifically drew attention to the fact that autocompletes and searches for Jews and women bring up the word "evil" in Google Search results. A click on the suggestion by the users prompts them to be routed to several sites which "proved" that Jews and women were evil.

Revealing that autocomplete suggestions which show up the word "evil" search phrases related to Jews and women have now been removed by Google, a company spokesperson said that autocompletes and searches in both the cases now yield different results altogether.

The Google spokesperson also said that autocomplete is not a precise mechanism because an algorithm based on Google Search users' search behavior and interests generates autocomplete suggestions.

The spokesperson further elaborated that, at times, phrases which appear in autocomplete may seem offensive or unanticipated because, on any particular day, there are nearly 15 percent new searches which span a wide range of material.