Hacking groups issue numerous threats of Christmas Day attacks

Two shadowy hacking groups - Lizard Squad and Phantom Squad - have issued a number of threats of attacks on Christmas Day, to shut down PlayStation Network (PSN) and Xbox Live.

The threats of Christmas Day attacks, evidently to ruin the holidays for gamers, have been issued by the infamous Lizard Squad and Phantom Squad hacking groups via several Twitter accounts affiliated with the two groups.

As a result of the malicious ploy of the Lizard Squad and Phantom Squad hacking groups to take down PSN and Xbox Live on Christmas Day, it is being speculated that the knocking of the global networks online would infuriate the gamers longing to play their newly purchased consoles during the holidays.

Against the backdrop of the threats of cyber attacks by the two hacking outfits, Cyber security experts have told Daily Star Online that the threats appear to be credible and need to be taken seriously.

Cyber security firm Zscale's Chris Hodson told Daily Star Online that cyber-attack threats are particularly pronounced over the holidays, and added: "Hackers will attempt to use all common forms of cyber-attacks this Christmas, including worms, viruses, and denial of service (DDoS) attacks to breach systems and cause disruption."