Hackers unlock NES Classic & successfully add new games via USB cable

Announcing NES Classic Edition this holiday season, Nintendo declared that it wouldn't officially receive new games, particularly with no WiFi protocol to download them. But that failed to prevent hackers from adding games their own way.

At Reddit's NESClassicMods community, the whiz kids suggested that one can add games to the system via USB cable. However, this solution will not work until one has created a save file in the first slot of Super Mario Bros.

Once a player has played the game and created saves. He/she can connect NES Classic Edition to a PC via a micro-USB cable, and then boot the system in "FEL" mode. To do this, one will have to hold down the system's reset button while also pushing down the power button from the powered-off state. During the booting process, one should also run a "sunxi-FEL" interface on the PC.

Operating at one's own risk, one will then have to copy NES Classic's internal data to the PC, then modify and add files through an application made by hackers.

After finishing the task of adding game files, one should repack the hardware's kernel, and then completely flash the hardware on one's own. Finishing all of those steps properly will allow the player to see every single game that he/she has added through the hack in the slick, default interface.