Netflix demonstrates technology to navigate menus by thought

Widely-popular streaming service Netflix's MindFlix hack claims to have the ability to navigate menus by thought. While it may not necessarily be reading a user's thoughts, it appears to work in that way to control the Netflix interface.

The innovative project was the result of work during the company's HackDay. Its developers demonstrated how a piece of head-worn technology can be used to scroll through menus and highlight various shows or programs available within the streaming platform.

In a short video, the developers of the technology highlighted the hack's use of the Muse headband to control Netflix's familiar interface.

In the video, the technology developers explained, "Instead of implanting chips in our brain for Hack Day, we decided to take this brain-reading headband to really put it to the test."

MindFlix appears to require the user to nod up or nod down to move up or down the menu to see a new category in the streaming service's interface, while nodding left or nodding right would move the cursor in the menu to pick a new piece of content to watch.

Consumers will likely not be able to get their hands on the MindFlix, it certainly has a great potential to make crowds of binge watchers really happy as they would rarely ever have to move.