Beauty Queen Battling Skin Cancer due to Sun bed use

Sunbed causes Cancer to UK beauty contestantA beauty queen from United Kingdom has come forward to warn other women of how her use of sun beds for many years has left her battling skin cancer at the age of 24. Miss York finalist Amy Hills, of Selby, North Yorks, would get an artificial tan at least once a week and she would also refuse to use suncream.

She discovered that all was not well during a visit to her doctor where she mentioned a mole on her arm had begun to change in appearance.

Tests were done and a few days later she was left horrified when it was confirmed that it was cancerous.

Hills, who underwent surgery last week, was lucky that the cancer had not spread but she would need constant checks.

"I thought it would never happen to me. But I noticed that the mole on my arm had begun to change about six months ago. When the test results came back saying it was cancer I was in a state of shock," she revealed.

Doctors hoped they had intervened in time to prevent the cancer spreading, but told Amy she needed check-ups every three months for the next five years.

Amy is one of 19 women taking part in the Miss York final, after one finalist dropped out. She aims to win prizes including entry into the Miss England competition. Organizers have abandoned the traditional swimwear section in the contest, saying they wanted to get away from the traditional image of such events as a “cattle market.”