Bishop Denounces Priests who Concealed Mistreatment, Lashed Out on Press for Assaults on Pope

Bishop-Joseph-DevineOn May 30, in a newspaper column, Bishop Joseph Devine of Motherwell criticized the clerical abuse of kids, bishops who tried to cover the maltreatment and those in the press who have assaulted Pope Benedict.

The bishop began, “The scathing reaction by the media and society to the incidence of child sex abuse in the Church has been chastening but for the most part welcome”.

He said that the heinous sins and distortions done against susceptible kids by crooked priests and others in religious orders were repugnant and unforgivable.

Bishop Devine continued that as for those Bishops who abused clerical authority by disguising the offenses of members of their clergy, who wrongly thought that their primary responsibility was to guard the Church from disgrace, or who failed to identify that their true job and duty, as followers of Jesus Christ, was to work in the best welfare of the ill-treated children: they must confidently sense the lesions of their carelessness.

He added that despite botched and slanderous endeavors from some sections to spread and dip Pope Benedict with the sex abuse humiliations, His Holiness is at the front of launching all essential alterations to get rid of the offenders in the clergy and guarantee total safety for all the kids all through the Church.