Details of Infections from Hospital Wards Compulsory to Be Given: Government

Andrew-LansleyHospital wards could get closed after getting the details of cases of MRSA and C. difficile are published, Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley cautioned yesterday.

Up to now, NHS chiefs have only had to provide rates of infectivity for the whole trust of up to three hospitals.

The Government now wants to see all the details of infections by bacteria connected to thousands of casualties, for each ward, each week.

Mr. Lansley confesses that frightened patients may possibly decline to get their treatment in a few wards, but claims the strategy will help in raising NHS standards. He also said that if you make decisions regarding where you go for your operation that makes a huge difference. The improvement stride is all on.

But Health Union Unison did not like the plan. A spokesperson said that the best way to handle the situation is to target cleaning aspects.

It is vital to stop infectivity so that, further the rates can fall. Instead of getting worried, the Government should try to take care of the problem in the right way.