Public Park Drinking Fountains Dehydrate

drinking-water-fountainDrinking fountains in public parks are getting dehydrated, a novel study has been able to reveal up in public.

As the UK got all ready to enjoy summer and a spell of longed-for hot weather, only 11% of parks were found to offer water fountains.

Of these, a mere two-thirds worked, the survey depicted.

And merely eight of the 140 parks that were included in the study were found to have every fountain functioning properly.

Campaigners spoke of their concerns that the nonattendance of freely available water encouraged thirsty kids to turn to carbonated drinks or go without anything to drink.

Dr. Vivienne Nathanson, Head of Science and Ethics at the British Medical Association, cautioned that youngsters were predominantly vulnerable to dehydration.

She also said that at a time, when, the nation is trying to fight obesity crisis, it is necessary that kids have access to free and safe drinking water in schools and public parks.

The consequences of the survey depict that the nation is not successful in offering any incentive o kids, so that, they can reduce their intake of sugary drinks, which is well known to have augmented obesity in kids at the most horrifying and fast way.