Mephedrone Held Responsible for Scot Teen’s Death

MephedroneA postmortem report has established that due to the intake of party drug, mephedrone, a 19 year old Scot died.

Jordan Kiltie, from Ayr, died in the month of March after going for a night out with friends.

And his mum Angie has been informed through a letter from Crown lawyers that the reason of his fatality is now listed as mephedrone intoxication.

The mother said that this is a clear proof that mephedrone and nothing else took her son’s life. The cause was of his death was not alcohol and he had not mixed it with any other thing.

In one way, it has relived Angie, the deceased’s mother, since he was not taking anything else that could have been responsible for his death, as a lot of people had been saying so.

However, at the same time, losing one’s child is such a demise that coping through it is quite difficult.

She said that it is vital for youngsters to know that this drug can take away their lives and that families must also keep a check on what their kids do, because the consequences have to finally be dealt with by the sorry family members.

Mephedrone was named as a Class B drug in the previous month after the deaths of two teenagers in Lincolnshire. It later was known that they had not consumed the drug.