US Scientists Develop Breast Cancer Vaccine

breast-cancer-vaccineUS scientists have developed a new vaccine which is capable of reducing the effect of breast cancer by 70%.

The vaccine has not been tested on human beings, as yet. It functions by enhancing the immune system, which counter a protein called alpha-lactalbumin which is present in most breast cancer patients.

As the vaccine kills all the traces of alpha-lactalbumin, the tumour loses the ability to replicate or develop again. Also, it shrinks the existing ones by 50%.

The vaccine has been tested on rodents prone to breast cancer. It was found that these rodents never developed the disease again.

Dr. Vincent Tuohy of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, US, who created the vaccine, said that the team looks forward to see the success of the vaccine in treating many childhood diseases.

Dr. Caitlin Palframan, from Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said "We look forward to seeing the results of large-scale clinical trials to find out if this vaccine would be safe and effective in humans."

The findings have appeared in the journal, Nature Medicine.

The study undertook the vaccination of the mice by the vaccine containing á-lactalbumin. The researchers have promised to soon come up with two cancer-prevention vaccines, one against cervical cancer and the other against liver cancer.