Antidepressants Risky For Pregnant Women

Antidepressants Risky For Pregnant WomenCanadian researchers point out that women who take antidepressants early in pregnancy have an increased risk of miscarriage. A research study has confirmed the link between antidepressants and miscarriage.

The study found that around 15% of the pregnant women suffer from depression. Most of the women use antidepressants to deal with this problem and around 3.7% of the women use these at some point of time during the first trimester. The study also found that stopping treatment for depression leads to relapse of the problem which can put both the mother and the child at risk.

This study was done on 5,124 women in Quebec. These had lost fetuses in pregnancy and showed a 1.68 times higher risk of miscarriage in those women who were prescribed antidepressants. The study was conducted by Anick Bérard of the University of Montreal and her colleagues. It was carried out in the latest issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

The detailed analysis of pregnancy register between 1998 and 2003 revealed that 284 or 5.5% of women who had a spontaneous abortion had filled at least one prescription for an antidepressant during the pregnancy. Other illnesses were also taken into account while compiling the data.

Health experts feel that pregnant women need to discuss with their doctors before taking antidepressant medicines. But others pointed out that more research is needed to establish a link between antidepressants and miscarriage.