CPR Can Increase Survival Rates for Heart Attack Victims

CPR Can Increase Survival Rates for Heart Attack VictimsA new study claims that a person's chancres of surviving a heart attack depend largely on where he lives. It is also very important who is around you when you need help. This study was undertaken by University of Michigan researchers.

In this study researchers analyzed various neighborhoods in Fulton County, Ga. It was founded by the researchers that some areas have a higher incidence of heart attack. The ratio is around two to three times higher than other parts of the country. It was also found that very few people know how to administer CPR to victims of a heart attack.

It was found by researchers that in the neighborhoods they surveyed, people were at a higher risk of suffering a heart attack and there were lesser chances of anyone helping the victims after they had a heart attack. It was claimed that immediate help to a victim increased their chances of staying alive before any help arrived to rescue them.

The neighborhoods including areas in Atlanta had lower median household incomes. They also had predominantly black residents and most of the people had low level of education.

It was found by researchers that it is very important to teach CPR to more people. It can help save the life of a victim after a heart attack.

Almost 90%of the people who suffer from a heart attack die but by administering CPR the ratio can be decreased significantly.