Research Proves Tanning is Harmful

Research Proves Tanning is HarmfulFDA released an advisory in March recommending stricter controls on indoor tanning. It stressed that parents should fill consent forms to banning use of tanning booths by the younger population. But these measures are being resisted by the tanning industry including a new federal 10 percent tax that starts from July 1. The industry claims that very few people in US are suffering from melanoma or skin cancer.

Whenever dermatologists pointed out that tanning is dangerous, they were severely attacked by the tanning bed industry. It was claimed that these studies are not done in a scientific manner and cannot be considered authentic.

A latest study done by the University of Minnesota confirms that tanning can increases chances of developing melanoma and can also double or even triple the risk of getting skin cancer in certain cases.

It was founds by researchers that people who were using tanning for more than 10 years were among the most at risk. The risk was considerably lesser for people who were tanning for only one year.

It was claimed that people who were using tanning beds were 74% more likely to develop skin cancer and frequent tanners increase their risk of developing skin cancer by 2.5 to three times.

Around 69,000 US citizens were diagnosed with melanoma last year. As per the American Cancer Society, 2,000 people die every year due to this illness. People with fair skins are more at risk of developing this condition.