New guideline to GPs to crack drinking problem

New guideline to GPs to crack drinking problemFor cracking down drinking problem of the country, the official health advisory body is asking GPs to routinely quiz new patients about their drinking when they join a surgery.

Doctors are being directed when patients are treated or minor injuries and their medicines are reviewed, they should be asked about how much alcohol they consume. As part of the first ever official medical guidelines from the National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (Nice), the advice over patients and their drinking habits are being issued to doctors.

Reports say that one out of four people puts his life in danger by consuming alcohol, which goes beyond the recommended amount.

Reports also state that enough is not being done to tackle the drinking problem and that more steps are needed to handle the situation.

Joyce Robins, co-founder of campaign group Patient Concern, said, "GPs seem to have to ask so many things that there is none left for what you went in about. I really don't see the point of them asking about alcohol all the time. If you are drinking too much and are probably ashamed of the fact you are not going to tell your doctor about it are you?”