Cancer will be spotted before it develops

Cancer will be spotted before it developsA new test has been developed to spot cancer before it develops in to a fatal form. The test is designed to recognise the signals sent out by a person’s immune system as cancerous. The test has been developed by clinicians in Nottingham and Kansas over 15 years and later this month it is to be introduced in America.

Researchers stated that this test can detect signals about five years before a tumor is developed. This would enable doctors to fight the deadly tumor before it is late.

The test is initially been designed to help in detecting lung cancer and is used alongside conventional screening.

Scientists at the University of Nottingham and Oncimmune, a medical research company, developed the technology.

This test can be done by just 10ml of a patient’s blood.

Professor John Robertson, a breast cancer specialist who led the research, said, “We are starting to understand carcinogenesis in a way that we have never seen before. We are seeing which proteins are going wrong, and how the immune system responds. It’s as if your body is shouting ‘I’ve got cancer’ way before a tumor can be detected.”