‘Drug habits in jails not stopped but maintained’

‘Drug habits in jails not stopped but maintained’A think tank has said that jails do not halt drug habits of the prisoners rather it just maintains the inclination.

Most of the 45,135 prisoners in treatment in 2008-9 were given drug substitutes for three months or more, according to the centre-right group Policy Exchange.

The report said that previous government’s approach to handle the drug habit had failed.

According to author Max Chambers, the easy way out for the state was to maintain prisoners' habits .

Coming Clean is the research report and it has noted that an increase in the frequency and length of prescriptions for methadone and a decline in shorter detoxification programmes after setting up of the Integrated Drug Treatment System (IDTS) in 2007.

But the Department of Health said IDTS was being continued and a spokesperson said, "It is currently the subject of a rigorous and extensive four-year prison research programme. All treatment, whether in or outside prison, should be aimed at getting people off drugs and maintenance can be part of that programme."

Director of the Prison Reform Trust Juliet Lyon said, “About three-quarters of people entering prison tested positive for class-A drugs.”