Smart homes to arrive soon

Smart homes to arrive soonAccording to British scientists, very soon houses that can tell the health of those living inside it will be available within the next few years.

These smart homes will have sensors that will be able to ‘read’ the health and well-being of those who live in a house. This information will be available to a carer living remotely after being uploaded to a secure website.

About £128,000 grant has been awarded to a British team to develop special sensors and computer technology for the project.

Ways to capture more information about how we live in order to help build the brains behind the new, advanced sensors in smart homes is being studied by Dr Jim Briggs from the University of Portsmouth.

Smart home technology firm PassivSystems is also working with Dr Briggs.

Scientists at the University of Sussex are assisting the firm that has enabled them to develop sensors that can monitor someone's heartbeat in a room.

Dr Briggs said, “The elderly population is growing and there is a need to care for increasing numbers with less money. Social services are bitterly aware that they are having to do more and more with fewer resources.”