Youngest Bee Keeper Cannot Taste His Own honey

Youngest-Bee-KeeperA 12 year old boy has become the youngest bee keeper of Britain. Adam Dawson passed an accredited beekeeping course two months ago. Adam has also completed his first hive containing 30,000 honey bees.

The problem is that Adam is severely diabetic and eating too much honey can prove fatal for him. Adam had almost died when he was a baby as doctors had failed to diagnose him correctly. He also spent a week in coma fighting for life.

He now wears a machine that pumps a steady supply of insulin into his bloodstream. Adam can taste a small amount of honey but will have to increase his dose of insulin to make sure that he does not slip into a diabetic coma.

But Adam is very excited and is looking forward to seeing his own hive produce honey. He first considered that it will be a good hobby. He agrees that he knows his condition and can only taste a very little amount of honey.

Adam was among the 90 lucky people out of 250 people who wanted to do the Cambridge Beekeeping Association course at Bottisham Village College, Cambridgeshire.

Adam was the youngest in his class and since qualifying in March has built his own hive and is also helping other people to build bee hives.