Patients Lives at Risk because of Poor DVT Policies

PatientsIt has been claimed by the Lifeblood charity that NHS bosses are failed to take adequate steps to prevent the patients developing deep vein thrombosis, so their lives are at risk. Patients are two to three times more likely to die from DVT than from hospital acquired diseases such as MRSA.

The charity works to increase awareness of thrombosis among the public and medical professionals and their reports are based on freedom of information requests to all health boards.

Professor Simon Noble, a leading Haematologist and Medical Director of Lifeblood said, "Low professional awareness about the risk of thrombosis and the absence of policies to prevent it are needlessly putting patients' lives at risk and failing to protect vulnerable patients from a completely preventable condition".

According to the reports, more than 20% of boards in Scotland had no policy to prevent hospital-acquired thrombosis and More than a quarter of NHS boards do not provide formal instructions to their staff about evaluating patients' risk of raising the condition.

A Scottish Government Spokeswoman said that ministers are committed to raising awareness of the dangers of DVT and making sure that people in Scotland with, or at risk of, developing blood clots receive the best possible care. Guidelines aimed at preventing DVT had been published in 2002 and are currently being revised.