weekly updates of infection rates up at local hospitals!

weekly updates of infection rates up at local hospitals!The government recently announced that the weekly MRSA and the clostridium difficile rates could now be checked by the people at the local hospitals.

The figures quoted for infections for all hospitals in England would be published early next month for every week on the data. gov. uk website.

Data of the previous three months could easily be checked by patients. The government also added that soon, the infection rates for organisms like E. coli would also be put into the data.

Currently, a lot of hospitals are already following up by putting up the data every week.

The infections related to C diff and MRSA are currently at a very low rate ever since the data records began.

It was also reported that two officials that seemed to have been deciding the fate of Kingston hospital, quit the NHS at London because of the unacceptable decision made by the secretary on maternity and A&E unit closures.

The conservatives reportedly had pledged to stop the review of the healthcare that took place in the capital and also to protect the units that were threatened, that included those at the Kingston hospital .

The secretary of healthcare, Andrew Lansley said that this step was taken to provide a appropriate and relevant information to the patients.

It will enable people to make meaningful choices because they will be able to make comparisons between different hospitals and healthcare organizations. We want to make the large amounts of data that are already collected and used internally in the NHS work for patients, not just managers” he added.