man dupes NHS for 15 years!

man dupes NHS for 15 years!In a bizarre incident, a criminal Asbo has been given to a homeless man who became an expert in faking illnesses in order to stay at a hospital.

The experts at countering frauds say that this man actually cost NHS over ten thousand pounds with his fake illness.

Christopher Dearlove was said to have arrived at different hospitals faking an infection or telling nurses that he had a very contagious infection so as to get a private bedroom. The 41 year old fraud pleaded guilty to the 5 charges that were held against him in the Bolton crown court at Lancs that took place on Wednesday.

He used at least 71 different identities to get into hospitals and to avoid getting caught and to trick the staff of NHS into getting him admitted to the hospital.

The judge at Bolton crown court, on Wednesday banned the man from using NHS until he was proved to be found sick.

It held the NHS staff at surprise as he knew what symptoms he could report and he knew just what kind of infection would get him into a private hospital bed room.

He began his fake infection drama fraud about 15 years ago, targeting hospitals all over the United Kingdom in different aliases.

Every time Dearlove got admitted, it cost the hospitals of NHS a minimum of 500 euros.

His usual diseases were aids and a patient who was hemophiliac and also he complained of chest pains. Sudden weight loss and sweats during nights.