Killer doctor,almost inexperienced

Killer doctor,almost inexperiencedA ‘hearing’ reported that the doctor who killed a pensioner from Cambridge shire said that he was ‘unaware’ oh his actions, that resulted in him giving an overdose of a drug that led to the patient’s death.

The doctor, Daniel ubani took the life of the 70 year old David Gray by injecting him with a dose ten times more that its daily recommendation at his home at Cambridge shire in the year 2008.

He was then sentenced by the medical council to suspension for 9 months on account of negligence.

It was reported by Bernadette Baxter that patients were continued to be treated after Mr. Gray.

Further investigations by the general medical council found that 2 more patients were treated the same day as gray.

It was found that 59 year old Sandra banks was given wrong medication for migraine and 86 year old iris Edwards died a few hours after his treatment.

It was also found that Dr. Ubani didn’t ask ms banks about her medical history and he failed to examine her correctly.

Iris Edwards on the other hand was injected with painkillers that worsened her condition. She was later taken to the hospital in an ambulance as her condition was critical.

She died of a heart attack soon.

It was reported that dr. Ubani was given several hours of training before he started his 12 hour shift and was given induction by a doctor who still felt that Ubani had no experience to work as a part of NHS. He seemed to have treated gray before his report had been read.