McDonald’s Recalls 12 Million Drinking Glasses in U.S.

McDonald’s Recalls 12 Million Drinking Glasses in U.S.McDonald's Corp., the world's largest restaurant web, announced to have recalled 12 million collectible drinking glasses manufactured in U. S themed on the movie character Shrek, claiming the painted design on the glasses contains cadmium as the primary reason.

The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission made the recall early Friday, warning not to use the 16-ounce glasses.

The Associated Press reported, citing the company revealed to discover the glasses to be tainted with cadmium. Moreover, even a slight inhalation of high concentrations of cadmium may result in lung disease, warned the website of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

Cadmium is usually used in the manufacturing of batteries, metal coatings and plastic.

McDonald's outlets are retailing the glasses for a price of $2 each in a bid to promote the new movie "Shrek Forever After," the reports say. But, the Company is not on with its promotion in Asia, its China office said in an e-mailed reply to Bloomberg questions

However, the recall has not posed any impact on the U. K., the company's British press office posted in an e-mailed statement today.