Man Arrested for Faking Illness for Hospital Accommodation

Christopher DearloveA homeless man who is alleged to repeatedly fake his illness in a ruse so that he could stay in hospital longer is reported to have been imposed with a three-year ASBO ban, prohibiting him from every NHS building in England and Wales.

Homeless Christopher Dearlove, aged 41, was taken into the custody at Rochdale Infirmary last year after being found to target many hospitals across the UK, duping them from 15 years.

Dearlove, tagged as branded Britain's worst "hospital hopper", is reported to have cost the health service tens of thousands of pounds by faking illnesses.

He claimed to be a haemophiliac with Aids and coughed up fake blood in a bid to get a room to himself in the hospital. Under the ban, now he will only be permitted to have access to an NHS building if he suffers from a genuine problem.

Dearlove took help of 70 aliases and many fake medical histories to have access to a special treatment, Bolton crown court heard. However, the tests always showed he was healthy.

Staff in Glasgow, Cambridge, south London, Rochdale and Grimsby was among the hospitals hit by his ruse in a bid to get accommodation and food.

Dearlove is revealed to have admitted five fraud charges of false representation imposed on him by and faces up to five years in jail if he violates the ASBO