More than Half Suffer From Gunshot Wounds on the Face- Cumbrian Medic

Charles BrettA senior medic has revealed that many victims of Cumbrian killer Derrick Bird has been wounded on the face with gunshot.

Charles Brett, Clinical Director of emergency services at the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven, posited, "It appears this gentleman was firing out of a car window at head height. It is clear that he was directing at the face and head".

The reports reveals that among the patients admitted to West Cumberland, five suffered injuries on the face as a result of gunshot, two victims were shot in the back, one was shot in the back and arms and another was shot in the chest.

The injuries to those hit by the shot in the face range from minor to the very severe and life-threatening, Mr. Brett noted in the press conference.

It is reported that two people among them are stable, however, are in serious condition and four others were said to be "comfortable".

Mr. Brett sought the incident to be the worst incident he had ever dealt with, praising fellow staff at the hospital, where some counseling sessions has been organized for those who under trauma.