Little Hands for a Noble Cause

Little Hands for a Noble CauseThe youngsters, backed and aided by their mums are reported to have lent a helping hand for a noble task of raisings funds for other unfortunate children surviving with physical and learning disabilities, autism and behavioral problems

However, small, these children named as "charity walkers" have shown big hearts. The first toddle event was organized last year, and the centre now looks forward to see the annual event emerge as an annual event.

Forty children reportedly participated in the Barnardo's Big Toddle at Horsley Hill Children's Centre in South Shields. The event was organized by centre manager Julie Carr and family support child care Co-ordinator, Kath Robinson.

They walked round the centre campus two times, covering almost a mile.

The Barnardo's Big Toddle is a short sponsored event which recorded close to half a million below the age of fives to have registered to Toddle in 2009 only.

The funds raised with the help of The Big Toddle will be diverted towards supporting Barnardo's Early Years work, aimed to support services for children with physical and learning disabilities, autism and other behavioral problems.

Kath quoted, "We haven't worked out yet just how much we've raised, but we expect it to be about £400".