Canada’s Food Safety System Rated Amongst the Best

Canada’s Food Safety System Rated Amongst the BestA report making comparisons between Canada's food safety system and other industrialized countries, places the nation amongst the best in the world at shielding the quality of the food supply.

Canada could get the fourth place with the United States, which is behind Denmark, Australia and the United Kingdom, according to the independent report prepared and paid for, by the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, part of the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina.

The nation's food safety is ranked as 'superior', which is based on factors for example the rate of food-borne illness, inspections, education programs, use of agricultural chemicals and strategies on bioterrorism, risk management and food recalls.

Canada formerly had scored the rank fifth in a similar study in 2008, which is shortly prior to an outburst of listeriosis that caused 57 confirmed cases and 23 casualties, as tallied by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

That disaster led to the subsequent report being issued three years ahead of the planned schedule, said lead researcher, Sylvain Charlebois.

He said that the situations permitted the Maple Leaf Foods listeria epidemic to go undetected and result in a lot of sickness and death in many areas of the nation.