Doctors Treating G20 Protesters to Get $120 Per hour

Doctors Treating G20 Protesters to Get $120 Per hourDoctors treating injured protesters detained during the G20 summit will be paid $120 per hour. The injured will be treated at a temporary jail on Eastern Avenue. This has been confirmed in al leaked which also has south emergency doctors working in hospitals across Toronto.

It was also revealed that the detained protestors will be treated in a 10-foot-by-30-foot trailer inside the jail by a paramedic-physician team. The e-mail was sent by Dr. Michael Feldman, Medical Director of Firefighter Prehospital Care and EMS Special Operations at the Sunnybrook-Osler Centre.

Dr. Feldman pointed the role of the medical team will be to deal with short, acute interventions which are aimed to give the patient back to the police custody as soon as possible. He felt that it will ensure that protestors who are only slightly injured will not be needed to be transported to any other medical facility.

It was also found that the jail will start from 7 a. m. on June 18 and remain open till June 28, the day after the G20 summit ends. He assumed that most of the patients will be very young and healthy and will claim false injuries.

But this has angered the Canadian Civil Liberties Association who highlighted that there is a possibility that the protestors may not get adequate medical support.