Edmonton Promises to Be More Age-Friendly

Edmonton Promises to Be More Age-FriendlyEdmonton has become the first city in Canada to provide seniors declaration which will make the city to become a better place for senior people. It was hoped that this would encourage other cities across the country to adopt similar measures. A ceremony on Thursday officially proclaimed the declaration.

It was stressed that senior citizens are avoided and isolated by the society and considered to be past their prime. But this declaration outlines their important value and contribution in the society.

The declaration also aims to respect all individuals in the society irrespective of their age. The city will implement these measures by building roads and areas which support old people. It will include installing more benches in parks to encouraging people to give up their seats on a bus or subway train to an elderly person.

It was also felt that increasing opportunities for young people and old people to get together should be encouraged and children would be made aware about the various problems and issues faced by the senior citizens.

An attitudinal shift is more important compared to anything else to understand senior citizens in a better manner. It was also argued that senior citizens need to be provided more chances to have access to programs, employment, activities and services. These would help in making them feel more valued, respected and appreciated by all the members of the society.