Illegal drugs given at hospital

Illegal drugs given at hospitalA report has stated that in a hospital that got a three-star rating from the government, nurses used to illegally prescribe drugs that were a reason of three deaths and caused an injury to one.

If the reports at the Airedale NHS Trust are to be believed then, night nurses in a hospital in Keighley, West Yorkshire, prescribed illegal drugs like morphine intravenously for several years.

This report will force the new coalition government to scrutinize how local NHS organisations work.

There was no one who faced trial or was struck off. Sister Anne Grigg-Booth, who was about to face a trial died of an overdose in 2005 and could not be put to trial. She was with three murders, one attempted murder and more than a dozen related.

The report states that Airedale Trust hospital bosses did not take action against Sister Grigg-Booth.

The report alleges that senior managers knew everything but did nothing.

Former Keighley MP Ann Cryer said, “It was unsafe for hospital managers to rely on external reports, and they must take a more hands-on approach to find out what is happening on the wards.”