Super Smartphone introduced by Motorola

Super Smartphone introduced by MotorolaA high end milestone smartphone has been introduced by the Motorola, the US phone manufacturer that claims that this high end smart phone the most powerful smartphone available with a capacity to support networks of HSPA at a high speed of 10.2 Mbps and also holds a feature of recording HD videos.

This smartphone is to be out in the markets for sale at the end of this month. This XT720 milestone high end brilliance is targeted towards the customers who want a handset that is high at performance for personal as well as work use.

XTZ20 smartphone is all set to become Google’s first 2.18mp android phone with a xenon flash camera. This milestone is a follow up to Motorola’s original milestone that turned out to be a big success in the US.

This smartphone holds a 3.7” screen that has a HDMI port. The video and photo fans are being targeted as they have been underserved in the previous years.

This will offer a 720p camcorder of HD and an excellent 10x zoom that is digital. Other features include red eye reduction; easy panorama, multi shots, face detection and the most requested camera shake prevention. This smartphone comes with an eight GB memory card.

This milestone is designed in such a way that it provides a high quality real world performance and provides customers with high speed of web browsing. This milestone is also said to support HSPA speeds for downloading with an upstream speed of 5.76mbps and a download speed of 10.2mbps.