Nearly 59% Britons have Never Experienced Horse Riding and Similar Adventures

Nearly 59% Britons have Never Experienced Horse Riding and Similar AdventuresA new research has revealed that nearly four in ten people in Britain do not have any experience of horse riding or river rafting.

It found that nearly 59% of them complained that they never got an opportunity to witness any of these activities, while a 33% agreed that they were scared.

About 50% of the Britons have not ridden a horse ever and 41% have not gone in for swimming even once, in their lives.

The survey, which interviewed as many as 300 people in the UK, found that a majority of the people haven't come across any of the main adventures viz. fishing, horse riding, attending campfire, trekking and swimming in natural lakes.

In addition, a number of the Britons highlighted that they had not even travelled beyond Scotland, Wales or Ireland due to the fear of moving out. One-third of the Welshmen said that they had not seen England, as well.

The survey was conducted by retailer Go Outdoors.

John Graham, the Managing Director of Go Outdoors said that the findings of the survey have been a severe shock. It is disappointing to know that people haven't even been to England.

"Any kind of outdoor activity is good for you, whether walking, running, climbing, and fishing, it's just about getting outside and breathing in some fresh air", he added.