Three Year Old Addicted to Smoking after Surviving Accident

Three Year Old Addicted to Smoking after Surviving AccidentThree year old girl, following a precarious road collision, has today mysteriously ended up with an addiction to smoking cigarettes and drinking beers. Last year, Ya Wen had been knocked by a high- paced van, since then, she had put on to smoke nearly a pack in one day.

Following the accident, the girls were admitted in the hospital to recover from complete five days of coma and seven wounds. After this recovery, an absolute alteration had been seen in her behavior, according to her parents.

According to her mother Gao, Ya Wen can have three glasses of beer very comfortably, and that she is fond of drinking. The child has been seen acting like a grown-up. She had been once found hiding in a toilet by her mother, and smoking her father's cigarettes.

The local store owner recalls Ya Wen coming over to his shop and taking one or two packs of cigarettes on credit. The owner, on other hand thought that she might be purchasing them for her father.

A change has also been seen in her liking for garments from the past one year. Her mother, Mrs. Gao, who collects rubbish to sell in Huizhou, China, says, "She only likes boy's clothes. If we don't buy them for her, she cries in protest".

With this trend, her father has now put his smoking to a halt, but if they stop Ya Wen from smoking, she literally cries and brawls for cigarettes.