West High Won Red Cross High School Challenge

West High Won Red Cross High School ChallengeWest Salem High School won its third consecutive award in the Red Cross high school challenge, donating maximum blood, as a group, than any other school in its region. This was won with a plethora of talent seen in the school's spring recognition ceremony.

A spirited show was exhibited on June 4, with a motive to give recognition to proficient athletes. It also included performances by a harmonious award-winning wind band, choral group and orchestra. Besides the enjoyment and performances, this recognition had a grave life and death behind it.

Red Cross Donor Recruitment Supervisor Kim Buckner said, "West Salem High is a Division 3 classification school based on a student population of 1001 to 1630. The challenge is based on the percentage of students that participate in the blood donation process throughout the Pacific Northwest region".

The student body of West Salem crossed its winter drive number of 178, by donating 210 units in its spring blood drive. This accounted to be 15% of students participating in donating blood. The school has made a record of donating more than 2,700 points of blood since 2002.

Amidst of this serious business, came up junior Dillon Keene costumed as "Buddy Blood Drop", which was the most amusing part of the recognition ceremony. He hurled T-shirts to the assembly.