Autism and genetics understood better

Autism-geneticsNow understanding of autism that effects about half-a-million Britons will be revolutionise as scientists have discovered the first significant link between autism and DNA.

These findings can now make autism and its treatment possible early as researchers feel that the changes in the genetic make-up of autistic children found by them play an important role in causing the developmental illness. Treatments would by based on countering the basic fundamental errors in a patient's genetic code.

But thee findings have been termed as preliminary by the researchers and several years will be taken to figure out the genetic alterations that increase an individual's susceptibility to the disorder.

About 1,000 autistic individuals’ genomes were analysed and their DNA against that of more than 1,200 unaffected people were compared. Major differences were found by scientists between the DNA of the two groups. These differences could be responsible for why autism has a strong genetic component that may trigger the condition under certain circumstances.

Stephen Scherer, of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto said, "Our results substantiate the importance of genes as susceptibility factors in autism. Our results will lead to a paradigm shift when it comes to understanding the root causes of autism."