Scotland’s extra spending on health services questioned

health-spendingThe excess health spending in Scotland has been questioned whether it has been of any difference or not, a prominent think tank has reported.

It was hard to measure what effect the extra spending had, the Centre for Public Policy (CPPR) in the Regions said.

About £200 per head more is spent on health in Scotland than in England as per the government figures.

Various demands of population spread and poverty has been the reason of the extra cash.

According to facts in the past decade the spending on Scotland’s health services had doubled.

It was found by the study by CPPR and auditors KPMG that though there have been improvements in death rates from cancer, heart disease and strokes in Scotland, but such improvements have happened in other countries.

The staff in Scotland is also more than that in England.

John McLaren, of CPPR, said, "Our research has shown that while health spending and staffing levels per head in Scotland appear to be greater than in England, we are not experiencing the improved health outcomes that might have been hoped would have followed.”

Jenny Stewart, head of public sector for KPMG in Scotland, said, "We are now spending just short of £2,000 per head per year on the NHS in Scotland - some £212 to £267 per head more than in England.”