Learning difficulties among babies born early

New-BabiesScottish research suggests that babies who are born just a week early are more prone to suffer from learning difficulties such as autism.

The study that was conducted on about 400,000 children stated that babies who were born at 39 weeks were more likely to need help at school when compared with babies who was in the womb for 40 weeks.

Experts have stated that babies should be born after 40 weeks and not 39 weeks.

More mothers these days are choosing earlier deliveries for non-medical reasons following this in the UK around a third births take place at 37-39 weeks and this rate is increasing.

School and hospital records of nearly 408,000 schoolchildren across Scotland were looked by the Glasgow University study, funded by the NHS.

Out of these children about 18,000 were classed as having special educational needs, such as dyslexia or autism. Apart from this other physical difficulties like deafness or poor vision were also found.

Experts also state that for deciding when an elective caesarean delivery should be undertaken many reasons are involved and at times waiting until 40 weeks also carries some risks.