Laser pointers not good for eyes

laserDoctors have warned that be careful next time you have that hand-held laser pointers as it can cause serious eye damage if used inappropriately.

After a teenager was treated as he shone a laser into his eyes, medics from the Royal Liverpool Hospital and Manchester Eye Hospital spoke out.

According to reports the teenager suffered burns and retinal damage.

Though there were no reports about getting reports of any alike injuries, the Health Protection Agency warned that only pointers with limited power should be sold.

A green diode laser pointer over the internet was bought by that teenager in question and he shone the laser beam into his eye while playing with it.

The teenager had developed central scotomas, or dark spots, in his vision.

At two hospitals the teenager was treated by Dr Kimia Ziahosseini and colleagues.

Dr Ziahosseini said, "Although his vision has now returned to normal, he is at risk of developing problems later on in life as a result of the damage to his retina."