Dogs subject to low oral health

dog-teethNew figures have stated that dogs in Llandudno have the worst teeth in North Wales.

Dogs here have very poor dental health and are suffering from the highest number of dental dilemmas in the region.

The reason for this poor dental health is poor diets made up of biscuits and other sugary snacks.

After veterinary charity PDSA revealed around a third of Llandudno’s dogs are losing their teeth unnecessarily, owners last night were urged to brush up on their pet’s dental health routines.

Chris Cater, who runs Cater Veterinary Practice in Craig y Don, said, “Llandudno could fare the worst because pet owners are more conscientious. Due to us having a large elderly population, a lot of people know about our PDSA Pet Aid scheme where people get help towards vet bills, which means we have a very good uptake. And not only are many of our customers elderly, but so are their dogs.”

The Abandoned Animal Association is being run by pensioner Joan MacKenzie from Penrhyn Bay and he stressed the importance of cleaning dog’s teeth.

PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, Elaine Pendlebury, said, “It’s wrong to assume that pets will lose their teeth as they get older. With a good diet and oral hygiene, there is no reason why their teeth shouldn’t last a lifetime.”

Experts advised that formulated dental chews would do the needed brushing of dog’s teeth.