Genetic Errors Linked to Autism Cases

Autism-childrenResearchers have managed to spot genetic errors linked to autism cases, which will prove helpful in treating urgent health problems of the 21st century. The findings were published in the journal Nature, which confirm the vital role that genes play in autism.

Autism is marked by social isolation, speech problems and strange, recurring movements. The genes of 996 people, with autism and 1,287 without it were studied by the scientists with the Autism Genome Project.

Stephen Scherer, Director of the McLaughlin Center and the Center for Applied Genomics shared that they have been able to find dozens of genes involved. As a matter of fact, each autism family might be suffering from their own genetic form of autism. The disparities are quite unusual.

Andy Shih, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Autism Speaks has funded the study.

He said, “This validates and confirms a hypothesis long held by researchers in this community that autism, instead of having just one or two genetic risk factors, is likely to have hundreds, and these are usually identified by these sudden deletions or insertions in the genome called copy number variants”.

People with autism faced more losses and duplications of whole chunks of DNA and these deletions can disrupt the work of the genes.