Zionsville Relay for Life to Assist a National Cancer Research Study

Cancer-ResearchLinda Wilgus, Executive Director of Northwest Radiology and Coordinator for the Zionsville event revealed that the Zionsville relay is a host site for Indianapolis-area residents to sign up for the society's third cancer prevention research study.

The first study which was conducted in 1950 found the correlation between smoking and lung cancer and the second study has found relation between lifestyle and genetics.

Wilgus said, “This will be the most aggressive study. We look to previous studies we did without the technology available today. We think we can change the fight for cancer”.

About 500,000 participants will sign up for the Government-sanctioned study based in Atlanta, Ga. Participants must fall in the category of 30 to 60 and should never have been diagnosed with cancer. Their blood sample will be taken at the Zionsville Relay.

Participants would have to fill out another survey, after every two years. Wilgus shared that if they are detected with cancer, their traits will be compared with the traits of others participants.

Zionsville has strong community participation and that is why officials chose Zionsville as a study registration site. About 58 teams and nearly 800 people had registered two weeks before this year's relay event.