Nurses’ licenses not processed, not informed on time

Nurses’ licenses not processed, not informed on timeDue to replacement nurses’ Minnesota licenses not getting processed in time, a lot had to be gone through by nurses who came to work as replacement nurses.

One nurse Emily, name changed, had to even miss her daughter’s birthday to earn $1,600 for one day's work as a replacement nurse but she could not even see inside the Twin Cities hospital.

Nurses were informed hours prior to their work that their Minnesota licenses had not been processed. This was told to them by the staffing agency.

Emily said, "I just want to know who's going to pay me.” Se was waiting in the lobby of a Bloomington hotel.

The hotel that served as a processing center for the replacements was being frequented by half-a-dozen nurses on late Thursday afternoon.

The staffing agency, Healthsource Global of California, told her to fly in anyway despite that her license was not processed.

She said, “Since I arrived I have been helping to process other nurses, trying to make myself useful. It's been very disorganized.”

A man who identified himself only as an employee of the staffing agency said, "I can not say how many didn't get to work during Thursday's strike. No one else is available to comment because they were heading into a shift change.”