House Building activity could face massive drop in UK

house-buildersAccording to the recent report, the house builders could face a massive drop in the number of new homes built in UK. As per a statement issued by the National Housing Federation (NHF), the number of new homes built in this year could drop down by 65%. NHF has said that the changes to the planning system and funding cuts could cause to as low as 20,390 homes in number.

The NHF has urged the government to rethink about the spending commitments on the housing scheme. But the government officials have said that the houses can not be made as per the targets set by the builders. Moreover the government is not a condition to bear the cost of the construction work at the present condition.

According to sources, the government is planning to implement incentives for the new development of projects and communities which would be able to develop their own vision in their local areas.

In a letter to the government the chief executive of NHF Mr. David Orr has informed that the building of affordable homes could be halted this year with all house building including private developer construction.