Men can be emotional as well

Men-emotionalMen are considered to be brave enough to live life creatively and this creative place is where no one else has ever been. Researchers at the Wake Forest University in the US has reported that although men possess the qualities of being powerful than women, they do face ups and downs in their steady relationships.

While women are observed to feel free, in sharing their problems in their relationships, with their friends, on the other hand men do not easily express their emotions with others. They are likely to be comfortable by adopting negative habits of drinking especially when they are troubled and thus believe in keeping their emotions to themselves.

Professor Robin Simon, further discussed that both men and women express their emotional distress, but in different ways. Men are believed to express their emotional distress with substance problems while women express their emotional distress with depression. Men also avoid maintaining close relationships with anyone other than their partner; whereas women have greater trust in family and their friends.

The researchers also found that young men are more affected by the quality of a current relationship, but young women are more emotionally affected by whether or not they are in a relationship.

Strain is another factor in a relationship which gives rise to poor emotional well-being because it threatens young men's sense of identity and feelings of self-worth.

That means men's mental health is more affected by the harmful stress of a rocky relationship. "Therefore it's surprising that young men are more reactive to the quality of ongoing relationships," as said by Professor Simon.