Main OT Gets Overloaded with Over 30 Operations a Day Due to Fire

The blaze on Sunday morning at emergency wing-operation theatre (OT), North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH), West Bengal, India has weighed down the most important OT with additional operations.

Samir Ghosh Roy, Superintendent, NBMCH affirmed that because of the fire, the major NBMCH OT, which usually performs 15 to 20 surgeries every day, will now have to execute more than 30 operations.

The fire at NBMCH emergency-operation theatre was caused by short circuiting from an air conditioner.

At around 11:30 am, it started multiplying to the passageways and male and female patient wards, told a visitor to the hospital.

According to sources, local citizens helped in vacating-move from the adjacent divisions and pulled out 30 patients from casualty wards and burns-division.

Patients were taken to the veranda and were kept there for around 20 minutes before being moved to female orthopedic and male surgical divisions.

Sudhansu Majumdar, fire official who attended to the hospital fire, was cited by The Telegraph as saying, “We took out nearly 10 oxygen cylinders from the OT in time. If they had burst, the fire would have spread and the damage caused would have been very serious”.

G Toppo, fire services department executive said that the medical college had not employed any steps to put off fire.