Increasing Number of People Choosing Isolated Lives to Care for Loved Ones

Increasing Number of People Choosing Isolated Lives to Care for Loved OnesAs more and more people are giving up everything to take care of their loved ones, the number of such people choosing isolated lives is gradually increasing. Almost 75% percent of the people who look after weak, sick or disabled members have reportedly no life outside their duties and caring role, according to a report released to mark Carers Week.

Social activities and leisure was given up by 80% of the 80000 people of Norfolk who took up roles as full time carers. This also includes giving up on the opportunities which normal people and other members of society take for granted. Those carers who feel invisible and marginalized everyday should be provided more support from the government and there have been requests from many in favor of this.

Lynda Bellingham who is a popular actress on television called on the government to do more for the recognition of the carers’ career, speaking at a forum during a recent event that marked the launching of the Carers Week. She pointed out that, although the health system is very good, there is not enough emphasis on the right place and this according to her needed to change. The county alone has 250 – 600 child carers whose role is carried out preceding and following school. One out of every 7 carers in Norfolk dedicates his or her life for a sick relative or friend, contributing to the fact that many carers, whose estimated number is not known are really not paid for their work.

Carers Week, organized through partnerships between many charities like Help the Hospices, Macmillan Cancer Support etc. also carried out a survey which revealed that the duties of a carer included washing, dressing , cleaning and feeding someone and being present for them throughout the day and the night.