Abu Dhabi gets ready for 'Mega Summer'

‘Summer in Abu Dhabi’ opens today for six weeks, with programmes and entertainment for all!

This annual carnival is becoming one of the greatest family attractions.

According to the tourism officials, the carnival shall be run by about 150 event management professionals, technicians, university students, and volunteers.

It has taken months to plan and design the carnival with the involvement of 22 event management specialists, and 7,000 man hours of 200 carpenters, technicians and artists from Singapore, Malaysia, China and the UAE working for 11 consecutive days.

The timings of the carnival shall be from 2pm to 10pm, where as on Fridays and Saturdays it shall be from 2pm until 12am. It shall have over 200 performers from 12 countries, namely, - the US, UK, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa and the UAE.

This year’s 'Summer in Abu Dhabi' is going to be greater than last year’s inaugural event, which earned large applauds.

The summer in Abu Dhabi is organized around Adnec, where seven halls have been converted and it’s going to be a memorable experience of island hopping.

A large ‘Summer’ sign is displayed at the entrance which is 28m long and is eight metres high, with a garden having lawn, hedges, blossoming flowers and a 10m high trapeze.

During the week world class artists from the Flying Trapeze Australia show shall perform twice every night during the week and three times every night during weekends.

After the show, the audience shall be invited to a well guided and safe trapeze lessons by the star artists of the show.

Crossing the entrance, there is the Science & Technology Island which features the science of illusion and one such feature being seeing one’s own head served on a platter!

Visitors shall also get a chance to experience technology in music, play and interactive Lego Mindstorms sessions. In the sports Island, visitors can see the Gladiator, Zorbowl, Splat, Wakeboard, Euro Bungee and archery.

In the Entertainment Island, there shall be UK’s UV Groovy Puppet Theatre showing ‘glow in the dark’ puppetry every hour.

There are going to be 10 shows every hour and six, short films in the 4D cinema where visitors will experience being a part of the action!

The Culture & Heritage Island shall bring together the cultures from all over the world.

Traditions of cultures of Emirati, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines and South Africa Zulus shall be exhibited through dance and music performances from the troupes of the respective nations.

In the Adventure Island, the visitors shall go through activities, workshops, games and competitions in the rope course obstacles, zipline, abseiling, rock wall climbing and experience the brave world of the jungle exploring.

The carnival also has two world class attractions, the Freij Circus and the amazing ‘Magic On Ice’ and figure skating .

The circus shall be in fully air-conditioned Big Top, with a seating capacity of 1,200. It shall feature tiger, elephant and dog shows, along with the shows by clowns, high wire acrobats, and dances from Brazil and performances from the Colombian world trapeze champions.

The circus show will be from July 7 till August 15 from 6pm to 7.45pm and the 8pm to 9.45pm. Tickets are available at Dh125 ($34) for the front row, Dh100 ($27.2) for adults and Dh50 ($13.6) for children under 12 and are sold at Adnec or the Big Top venue.

At the Abu Dhabi Ice Rink at Zayed Sports City, there will be ‘Magic On Ice’ which is going to be the world’s first and only magic show on ice and shall of a 60-minute duration.

This magic shows of Steve Wheeler Production from the US is going to be mystifying combined with the world class figure skating.

It shall be by a 18 star studded performers and has been acclaimed as ‘Superb & Bewildering’ show by the New York Post  and it also won a worldwide appreciation for its illusion design and uniqueness.

The tickets for ‘Summer in Abu Dhabi’ are available at Dh40 for adults and Dh30 for children under 12.

The tickets for ‘Magic On Ice’ are also available at www.timeouttickets.com or on the toll free number 800 4669 priced at Dh200 for adults and Dh75 for children under 12.