Premier Pledges drug plan

Premier Pledges drug planBy the year 2012 every Brunswicker will have an access to prescription drug plan, said the premier Shawn Graham, and provided the Liberal government return to office, elected in the September election.

New Brunswick’s reputation as one of the worst provider of drug coverage in Canada has to be changed said Graham. He also wanted to deal with the the concern that the citizen and advocacy groups had raised over the past few years.

Margaret- Ann Blaney, the Tory Health critic said that announcement by Mr. Graham o Monday lacked in specifics.

Graham made the commitment while traveling to the northern part of the province .He stated that New Brunswick needed to tackle the situation one step at a time. It had to protect the most vulnerable citizens first and they could move on to make improvements for all citizens.

He added that the very first step would be to assist the people to take a job who were currently on social assistance in the province .They could not take a job because their prescription drug coverage would lapse. The next step should be to help the 2lacs new Brunswickers who are not insured and self-employed and who do not have access to a prescription drug program. He also said that then only the third step of improving the situation to the citizens having coverage plans could commence after completion of the first two steps.

He said that they have to find means and ways to help the working class of New Brunswick to deal with the increasing price of medicines and treatment.

Graham stated that as a government they want to work with the business people and shareholders to chalk out a new system which can allow people to get better treatment and there emerges a healthier population. That can balance the costs in primary health care going forward.

He said that the program would cost them around $20 million per year but some of that money could be recovered from savings in the cost of primary health care.