Witnesses stepping back on account of royal mails

Witnesses stepping back on account of royal mailsAfter the hearing in the High Court, Qatari Diar owning the Chelsea Barracks site in London has thrashed all the e-mails related to the royal role in order to avoid being presented as the evidence in the case.

Although according to the developers, Candy brothers expressed that the project has slithered since the time the Prince of Wales complained to its partner. According to the lawyer of Qatari Diar's the allegations were unjustified.

Moving in details the plans was to construct 552 flats on a 12.8-acre site, which the Qatari Diar consortium bought for £959m. The hearing of the case is led by Mr Justice Vos last month, who came back to the court trailing the allegations. The judge however requires new has now called for new witness statements.

Further the Lord Grabiner QC, for Christian Candy, expressed that the Qatari Diar may had to pay £81m to Mr Candy's company for betraying the terms and conditions of the contract once it is revealed that the application had been withdrawn due to the Emir's meeting with Prince Charles.

Also the executives at Qatari Diar were well aware about the Emir's involvement but provided something different in lieu of the evidence that the withdrawal of the planning application was clinched due to other reasons.